VR version of Luna now available on itch.io

Hi folks! Long overdue, but we've added the VR version of the game to this listing! Thanks so much for your support of the Bundle For Racial Justice and Equality and for your interest and kind words about our game!

Another note, unfortunately in the tuning changes made to support the game on gamepad controllers for the console release, the mouse cursor tuning has gotten super inconsistent on some hardware. Apologies if this is affecting your ability to play the game with your mouse and if you have any kind of controller you can connect over USB or bluetooth, you will likely have a much better experience with that hardware. We'll try to adjust the tuning again for the next release but as a super small team don't have an update scheduled for the immediate future and we are very sorry about the issue in the meantime. 

Thanks again!


Luna.zip 920 MB
Jul 11, 2019
Luna_VR.zip 920 MB
Jun 09, 2020

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I'm using an Oculus Quest with Oculus Link, and to get it to work I had to:

Launch the Oculus App, activate Oculus Link in my Oculus Quest headset, open up SteamVR from within the Oculus Link environment within the Quest, open up a virtual desktop from the Oculus environment, open up a Windows Explorer, navigate to where I unzipped the Luna_VR.exe, start it from there, then switch back to the SteamVR app

Hi, same problem here as MI77, it's not launching into vr ( rift ) . I've tried launching directly from the rift app as well but it doesn't work that way either.

I'm trying to get the VR download but itch kept telling me it's already installed. I've tried uninstalling the regular version, and explicitly choosing the Luna_VR download but when I click Launch it's not putting me into the VR version. SteamVR is already running... Any other tricks? Thanks! The first couple of 'levels' of the regular game have been fun :)